Smart Phone App & Roku App Creation

Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV is proud to announce we are now offering our custom Smart Phone App and Roku Streaming App creation services to the general public.  While we are focusing on political apps - we are open to servicing any industry.  Every App we create is custom for your organization with your own graphics, layout and content.  William has always had a strong love of politics and proudly served his Country in the United States Navy.  William is happy to give back his talents to politics and the Country he loves with political smart phone Apps.  He is committed to offering the best App possible at the best price possible to our political friends.  Every App we create will be placed on the iTunes and Google Play Stores. 
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We have kept costs and pricing simple:

  • Development Fee - The cost of building your App. Custom with your Proposal.

  • Monthly Hosting Fee - Monthly cost to have your App hosted on our server and any changes / maintenance made to it.

  • Push Notifications - If you need Unlimited Monthly Push Notifications (This is a cost we just pass on)
We offer Monthly or Annual Billing via PayPal
Selected Your Hosting Plan and Push Notifications if needed
Our Apps are Placed on the iTunes and Google Play Stores
Simple and Easy Set Up Process
  1. We create a detailed proposal
  2. You accept the Proposal
  3. Pay your Development Invoice
  4. We create the App
  5. We give you a test App to try on your phone
  6. We make any additional changes
  7. Subscribe to a Hosting Plan (below)
  8. The App is sent to the iTunes and Google Play Store
  9. The App goes Live