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Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV

"Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV is Oklahoma's Leading Online Source for Live Oklahoma Weather 24/7".

Become an advertising partner with Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV and the new generation of Oklahoma Weather Coverage.  Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV touches tens of thousands of local Oklahoman's on a daily basis all across the State with our leading Oklahoma weather mobile app and our Live 24/7 HD channel available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and also the mobile app.  Make your marketing message known and at the same time be a proud supporter of Oklahoma Weather.  We can also deliver potential customers you may be missing with traditional media such as the cord cutters - people who are exclusively using Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV. 

We have very reasonable prices comparated to tradtional TV, Radio and even Newspapers.  We have sponsorships available and also traditonal commerials.

Become an advertising partner with us today and see how Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV can further you marketing message in this new digitial age.  Contact us today for more information Advertising@OklahomaWeatherTracker.TV or call our Norman Studio at 405-801-4142.
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