Our Ground Breaking History

Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV was founded by William Cole who is the Owner and Chief Meteorologist. William initially started a website called OklahomaWeatherTracker.com in 2009. OklahomaWeatherTracker.com provided Oklahomanís with the most Live Oklahoma weather content available on the internet.  (OklahomaWeatherTracker.com has now become OklahomaWeatherTracker.TV with an emphasis on our Live video content.)  William also has a strong presents on social media and in fact created at the time the first live automated weather feed in the nation for Twitter and Facebook that posts real time watches and warnings. As OklahomaWeatherTracker.com continued to grow and succeed it became clear to William that it was time to make his content more readily available in form of a smart phone app. William wasnít interested in offering a generic app from a company that was just repackaged with his name on it. He wanted to develop his own app that would continue to provide Oklahomanís with the Live content they had come to expect from him. The Oklahoma Weather Tracker mobile app has since become Oklahoma Leading Weather App and is available on Apple, Android, Windows and Amazon Kindle. In the spring of 2015 William was ready to start his next project in form of a Live Video channel. He named the channel Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV and it launched in May of 2015. Since itís initial launch Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV has become a go to for Oklahomanís to get Live Oklahoma weather forecasts and Live Oklahoma severe weather coverage. There is not another similar streaming channel available 24 hours a day 7 days a week in 720p High Definition offered from a non traditional media company (not corporately owned) anywhere else in the world. Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV is available worldwide on the Oklahoma Weather Tracker mobile app, OklahomaWeatherTracker.TV also directly on your TV with streaming services such as Roku TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.  Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV generates enough daily viewers on Roku TV that Nielsen Ratings has given us our own digital tracking ID just for Roku TV.

Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV is committed to continue to innovate and the lead the way for none traditional media.

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Our Team
William Cole
Chief Meteorologist
Mike Russ
Senior Storm Tracker
Chase Team Coordinator

Jesse  Elizondo
Senior Storm Tracker

Mark Hill
Senior Storm Tracker
Trey Smith
Storm Tracker
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Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV is proudly a Veteran Owned Business
Barry Whitley
Host of Weekendcast

Daniel Coffman
Format Coordinator

Aaron Spencer
Storm Tracker
Derick Mashaney
Storm Tracker

Dustin Tate
Director of Advertising

Format Manager
Senior Storm Tracker
Erick Hobbs
Storm Tracker
Chris Russ
Storm Tracker

Caleb Routt
Digital Content Producer